Membership Benefits

  • HALF PRICE Tank Fills/Rentals: Members will enjoy unlimited half price air and Nitrox tank fills/rentals from Panama City Diving. There is a cap of 3 tanks per member per day.

  • $55 (2) Tank Inshore Dives! Panama City Diving will offer club members a rate of $55/person rate for 2 Tank Inshore Dives. Tanks not included in price. (* See details below)

  • $65 (2) Tank offshore Dives! Panama City Diving will offer club members a rate of $65/person rate for 2 Tank offshore Dives. Tanks not included in price.(* See details below)

  • 33% Off ALL Diving Courses! Members will get a 33% reduced rate off any Padi course offered thru Panama City Diving. Excludes Discover Scuba, and Basic Open Water Certifications. (** See Details below)

  • Yearly Dive Excursion: Club sponsored dive excursion. Members will be provided an opportunity to attend a greatly reduced cost dive trip to various dive trip destinations each year such as Florida Keys, Bonaire etc… Membership does not guarantee attendance, as space/maximum attendance limitations may apply to certain excursions.

  • Monthly Skills Enhancement Events: The Club will strive to host an event monthly where we focus on various dive related subjects to increase our skills as divers and/or our enjoyment of the sport. (*** See details below)

  • Cookouts: Cookouts, shrimp boils, socials gatherings throughout the year to kill the time between getting our gills wet.

* $55 and $65 2 Tank Dives - For existing dives trips that have already “Made” (Already have 3 or more people confirmed for trip) Members can not book their reduced rate spot until they are within 3 days of the specific dive trip.
Example: If you want this reduced rate for an existing Saturday Dive you cannot reserve your spot on that boat any earlier than Thursday.
The Club may schedule a dive trip for an advance date farther than 3 days out by securing it with 7 members’ deposit or more. Blackout dates apply, at the discretion of Panama City Diving. All unused spots are available to general public for charter and are based on first come first serve.
Example: Dive Shop does not have a dive boat going out on a specific date a month from now and we as the club want to initiate a dive trip that date. We would have to have at least 7 members contact the shop and put down deposits for that trip to make.

** 33% off Dive Classes: In order for discount to apply to members the class must have a minimum of 4 people attending. (member or non-members count toward class count)

*** Monthly Skills Enhancement Events: These are not “Certification” courses and are merely fellow members, and/or guests working together toward the education and betterment of our skills.

See our PCDC Calendar of Events page for more information.